Sky Harbour launches virtual art exhibition in Second Life

Sky Harbour launched a virtual art exhibition on Feb 25, 2023 in L & J Gallery, an art gallery in the famous 3D world Second Life.

Sky Harbour Exhibition in L & J Gallery

The Sky Harbour is a NFT game under development powered by NEAR. Its a MMORPG, with a finity resource economy, that will be controled by the players, to the players. The game is being develop using the Unity Engine. The 100 ships, from this collection, give the access to the early stages of the game, and each captain of these ships will be able to participate at the history of the game. They will give access to one ship at the game as well. And other rewards as they appear.

Sky Harbour ships

L & J Gallery is a 3D design and exhibition studio in Second Life since 2012. They built a pyramid gallery inworld to host virtual art exhibitions like Sky Harbour’s.

Invited guests in the exhibition

To visit this exhibition you need download a viewer for Second Life and teleport to the following inworld location: Mains/145/216/95

More info about at Sky Harbour:

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